Importance of Weighing

Published: 18th November 2009
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To have successful diet it's very important to weight yourself regularly. Main question regarding weighing is how often should you weigh yourself when you are on weight loss road or you don't want to gain unnecessary pounds? There are different opinions about that, but you should listen your own needs and weight yourself depending of your preferences. Some weight loss experts recommend weighing on daily base, while other recommend once per week. We give a slight advantage to weighing once a week on chosen day.

Our weight fluctuates every day, and daily weighing can potentially lead to discouragement if you see a higher number on the scale than you saw the day before. That's why we believe that a once weekly weighing is a more accurate reflection of our weight loss progress. Of course, we couldn't say it will work for every person equally. Every individual dieter should decide how often to weigh yourself.

For those who are easily discouraged, daily weighing might cause you to give up your diet if you don't see quick progress. On the other hand, for those who wants a daily information and control, daily weighing might works better. As I said, it's purely individual, so you should choose weighing routine which better suits to your character.

What is the best time for weighing?

From our experience, the best period is in the morning before breakfast. Why before breakfast?

It motivates you to keep with the diet. If you go out to exercise before weighing, you will lose maybe 1 to 2 pounds from sweating. Well, you will back those pounds after drink a glass of water or two, so actually it is not real weight loss. However, you get extra motivation for diet when you see lower scores. Also, it will make you satisfied for the rest of the day. If your weight has gone up slightly, it makes you conscious of your diet and activity for the rest of the week. Therefore, you put more efforts to cut on calories from food and to increase physical activity.

When you're exercising a lot, your weight may remain constant for a time even though you're still decreasing your body fat content and getting healthier. You shouldn't be concerned because although you don't lose your weight , fat deposits are lower in the body and that's only matter.

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